Finally Settled on a Price

So after trying as many different avenues on price as I could I have decided to price the ebook at 99 cents and the print version at the lowest rate the publisher would let me ($10.70 US).  I’m also going to stick with this price for my upcoming book as well, and all my books in the foreseeable future.

The caveat of this being that they will also never be made free as I did a few times with “The End”.  I can also not make guarantees about any potential future publishers and being forced into a price point by them.  

99 cents is a fair price for an ebook, it won’t put food on my table (unless I sell thousands of books a month) but very few new authors are feeding themselves by writing fiction.  On a side note, if you buy the print version you get the ebook for free, I have that all set up on Amazon, I think that’s only fair since you’re paying 100% more for the book.