Working Hard

With one book down and out there (trying to get noticed in a crowded market) I have buckled down on my new work.  I’m pretty deep into it, almost half way done the first draft.  I hope to get an excerpt of the first chapter on here this weekend, I just have to do a cursory edit.  I am really liking the new work, it’s a lot more science fiction than “The End” but I think it explores some deeper themes on the human condition in an exciting new way.  I could be looking at it through the loving eyes of a creator, I haven’t stared at it long enough to notice all the flaws and blemishes, I’m still in the new love stage.

I’m also thinking of a few ideas for a short story I’ll post here (or maybe for free on Smashwords), but I have to find the time to write it.  I tend to split my focus too much.

To any prospective readers, feel free to contact me (by commenting on this post), I am considering a free copy give away and would love to find a few people willing to participate.

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2 Weeks

It’s been two weeks (and a bit) since I published my novel and a lot has happened.  There was a nice response on the reddit community, and a lot of people checking out Smashwords.  Speaking of Smashwords, they have distributed to Barnes & Noble ( and the Apple store along with other ebook retailers.  I’m still waiting on Kobo and for any Kindle readers out there I need to go through some tax stuff with Amazon (you can buy the kindle version directly from Smashwords though).  It will all come, still lots of work to do trying to reach future readers.  As long as I can entertain someone or offer them some enjoyment through my words I’m happy.

In the mean time, If you’re one of the few people who have read my novel (or are in the process of reading it) feel free to leave a review, discuss it with your friends or with myself by leaving a comment.  I would be delighted to get in touch with my readers and learn what you thought of my ramblings.

Other than that, I am hard at work on my new novel and will get it out for August this year.  So far I am loving it and think that it is going to be something special.

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The End

Peter wakes on the side of the road unsure of where he is, knowledge of something terrible dawning on him.  He gets an odd visit from a patient claiming to know of the end of the world of a pending invasion. Peter is trying to live on an Earth where life outside the dome is death and dreaming is illegal. He is fighting desperately to survive as the last shreds of his squad are all that remains of humanity on a barren Earth.  Stranded in a town Peter has to face a horrific reality when he is attacked by a stranger.  He is trying to fight the urge to kill again, and losing. Peter is slowly dying, across multiple realities, multiple spots in time, he is facing, the end.

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